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Products: Retinal Cameras

VX-20 Alpha Mydriatic Non-mydriatic Combination Retinal Camera


Working Distance 39mm (Between the examined eye and the objective lens)
Monitor 7 Inch Widescreen Touch LCD
Dimensions 390 (W) x 540 (D) x 720 (H) mm
Weight 39kg/86lbs
Working Distance Adjustment Luminous Dot Indication (ON/OFF Switch)
Internal Fixation Target Central, Disc, Macula, Peripheral
External Fixation Target Red/Green LED
Camera 24 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
Photography Modes Non-mydriatic Color, Mydriatic Color, Fluorescein Angiography (FA), Red-Free (RF), and Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF)
Field of View Non-mydriatic Mode: 45°/27° Mydriatic Mode: 50°/30° (SP: 45°/27°)
Minimum Pupil Diameter Non-mydriatic Mode: ⌀4.0mm (SP⌀3.5mm) Mydriatic Mode: ⌀5.5mm (SP1 ⌀4.0mm/SP2 ⌀ 3.5mm)
Focusing Split Luminous Bars Coincidence
Range of Focus Adjustment for Compensation of Patient's Refracti Without Compensation: -12D to +13D -Compensation: -32D to -10D +Compensation: +10D to +35D
Range of Diopter Adjustment of the Optical Finder -8D to +5D
Light Source For Observation: Halogen Lamp For Photography: Xenon Flash Lamp
Flash Compensation ±5 Steps
Exposure Appropriate exposure is automatically set based on the 37 steps (0.6WS to 300 WS) of field angle, filter, and photography mode
Adjustment Range Forward/Backward: (gross) 90mm, (micromotion) approximately 17.5mm Left/RightL (gross) 140mm, (micromotion) approximately 17.5mm Up/Down: 30mm Tilting:(Elevation) 11°, (Depression) 15° Panning: (left/right): 30° horizontally
Recording Medium CF Memory Card
Interface USB: VK-2 Connection, Printer Connection, Card Reader Connection LAN: Image Output
Power Saving Function Yes
Power Supply Input: AC 120/230V 50/60Hz Power Consumption: 250VA 1500VA (Max)