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Products: Retinal Cameras

Nonmyd WX-3D Simultaneous Stereoscopic Retinal Camera Retinal Camera

Versatile Retinal Camera Offering 2D and 3D Images

3 Photography Modes to Choose From: Normal, SP (Small Pupil), and Stereo

Nonmyd WX3D
Nonmyd WX3D

The Nonmyd WX-3D is a versatile retinal camera offering both 2D and superior stereo 3D images while maintaining Kowa's longstanding tradition of high quality imaging and ease of use. The incredibly detailed stereoscopic 3D images delivered through the 3D mode will help you diagnose your patients by providing imaging capabilities unmatched by any other combination retinal imaging device. The Nonmyd WX3D enables 3D viewing of images taken of the ONH and macula, thus providing superior stereo images to support diagnosis of sight threatening conditions such as glaucoma.

Features and Benefits

2D -Normal & SP-

Normal Field Angle:45°

Kowa's exclusive optical design in combination with the digital SLR camera delivers extremely detailed retinal images.
The integrated 9-points internal fixation light allows for mosaic photography covering a large retinal area.

Normal Field angle:45°
SP (Small Pupil) Field Angle:45°

Retinal images can be taken even with smaller pupils. On screen guides indicate if the pupil size is within the sufficient range (above φ3.5 mm) for photography.

SP (Small Pupil) Field angle:45°
Automatic Mosaic Merge Function

Mosaic images are created easily with automatic image rotation & alignment.

Automatic mosaic merge function

3D -Stereo-

Stereo Field Angle:34° (20° x 27°)

Instant and simultaneous 3D photography is possible in 1-shot.

Stereo Field angle:34°
Retinal Observation on 3D Images

The shape of the optic disc and cup can be viewed on a 3D image.

Retinal observation on 3D images
Time Sequential Movie

The chronological change of the shape of the optic disc and cup can be viewed on a moving image.

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