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Products: Retinal Cameras

VX-10 Alpha Combination Mydriatic/Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

Kowa presents the VX-10α, two-in-one mydriatic and non-mydriatic camera.

Highly effective and ergonomically designed, the VX-10 is the ideal tool for eye-care photography.

VX-10 Alpha

Kowa is the pioneer in combination non-mydriatic & mydriatic retinal cameras. The VX-10α offers non-mydriatic, mydriatic, and FA modes with a 50° field of view in full mydriatic mode. The optics are mounted on a swing arm to allow photography of the peripheral retina. Small pupil mode enables both color and FA photography in cases of insufficient mydriasis. View color and FA images captured with the latest Nikon cameraback in perfect alignment on the LCD monitor.

Features and Benefits

Three Photographic Modes
  • 3 modes with one-touch switch ( nonmydriatic / mydriatic / fluorescein )
  • Mydriatic color and fluorescein photography can now be aligned through the LCD observation monitor
  • Multiple step flash for proper exposure in various photographic modes
  • Built-in internal fixation target for optic nerve head photography
  • Built-in small pupil mode (during mydriatic color and fluorescein photography) for patients with insufficient pupillary dilation
Three photographic modes
Easy Functionality
  • Easy alignment and focusing adjustment with the LCD observation monitor
  • Operationally focused, darkroom adapted navigation panel
  • Clear viewfinder with long eye relief design
  • Simple focusing with the point matching method
  • Electric insertion of the fluorescein filter
Adopted for the Digital Camera
Adopted for the digital camera
  • High resolution images when combined with specific Nikon* digital SLR camera (for color/FA) or the Special Digital Camera with Relay Lens (for color/FA/FAF**)
  • VX-10α combined with the Kowa VK-2 image filing system is part of an ideal digital imaging environment with multiple digital/video image inputs and networking
  • Relay Lens (for Specific Nikon* Digital SLR Camera)
  • Special Digital Camera with Relay Lens (for FAF)
  • Green (red-free) Filter
  • Grip
  • KOWA VK-2 Digital Imaging System