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Products: Retinal Cameras

VX-20 Combination Mydriatic/Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera


The VX-20 is Kowa's unique,
hybrid combination retinal
camera that offers versatile,
high quality retinal imaging
in one easy-to-use system.

Chin Rest
  • Eye level indicator can be easily seen even in a darkroom
  • Stable chassis makes it easy to assist in patient eyelid opening
Chin rest
Tilt Angle
  • Expanded downward tilt angle up to 11° facilitates upward-angle
    shots which have been difficult in conventional models

*As compared to previous models

Tilt angle
High Resolution Photography
  • Special Built-In Digital Camera
High resolution photography
7 Inch Wide-Screen Touch LCD Monitor
  • Wide-screen 7" touch LCD monitor
  • Icons strategically placed for improved operator experience
Wide-screen touch LCD monitor
Designed for Operability
  • Available buttons are illuminated in chosen photography mode to enable smooth and quick photography
  • Adjust the chin rest up/down or switch the field of view with the simple push of a button
Focusing on design for operability
SP (Small Pupil) Photography Mode
  • φ3.5mm or φ4.0mm options in Mydriatic mode
  • *The SP mode is not supported in RF mode.
    *With φ3.5mm photography, some eyes may cause flare around their circumference.

SP (Small Pupil) photography mode

Photography with φ4.0mm/Photo: Showa University

Fixation Light Switching
  • Central/Disc/Macula/Peripheral and external fixation light can be switched with a single push of a button
Fixation light switching
Custom Buttons
  • Adjustable photographic ISO sensitivity, light intensity, and diaphragm
  • Photographic settings can be easily adjusted. To allow patient friendly photography or to compensate for insufficient light intensity in later FA phases, the ISO sensitivity can be increased or decreased.

Photography with Monitor Observation
  • To reduce the photophobia of the patient, photography in mydriatic color, FA, RF, and FAF modes under monitor observation is possible