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VK-2 Image Filing System

High Performance Digital Imaging Software


The VK-2 is a high performance digital imaging software system designed to help physicians access current patient data across multiple workstations, quickly review images with patients, and view all information needed to make informed clinical decisions in just one location. The VK-2 Digital Imaging Software easily captures and stores retinal photographs taken from Kowa retinal cameras as well as images from other sources including a scanner.

Features and Benefits

3 Instrument Input in 1 Imaging System
3 instruments are input in 1 imaging system
Choice of Variable Inputs

Y/C, VBS/RGB, Composite or USB, IEEE1394

Up to 3 Different Digital/Video Observation Devices

1-Click Switch

Sophisticated Image Capturing
Automatic Switching of FA and Color

In ICG, FA mode, high speed capturing (1 frame/sec, depends on CCD camera), and timer are displayed on the monitor (linked to Kowa Fundus Cameras).

Multiple Timers (in FA mode)

1-click switch

Multiple timers

Selectable for management of several patients' timer counts.

Multiple timers

Colors of "Clock" mark change to help you recognize active timer counts.

Link to Perimeter
Link to perimeter

This unique function allows total management of fundus images and perimetry results.

Stereo Assistant makes stereo images easy to obtain through simple instructions.
Variable mode set from the Trigger input
VK-2 supports high resolution cameras for best detailed images possible.
  • 2.1 Megapixel Digital Color CCD Camera, Kowa "KD-211C"
  • 1.4 Megapixel Digital B/W CCD Camera, Kowa "KD-144iF"
  • 3 CCD RGB Color Camera, "Sony* DXC Series"
  • Specific Nikon** Digital SLR Camera

Patient Observation Lineup of the best tools for informed consent

Patient Education
Image comparisons enhanced with the square function (2 images) cropping images for better views
Reference (Template) image

Patient images can be compared with stored reference image.

Reference (Template) image

64 reference images can be stored.
(8 reference images per 8 reference categories.)

Fully equipped for informed consent
Image Processing According to Diagnostic Needs

Simple click on Image Processing Toolbar for ideal image display (sharpen image, gamma process,enhance image, contrast, brightness, analysis with RGB filter, negative image, flip image, zoom, measure length, measure cup/disc ratio, measure angle, loop, undo, original, reference [template] image).

Image processing according to diagnostic needs
Translucent Toolbar
Translucent toolbar

The toolbar has a level of transparency to make the displayed image visible through it, to help better visibility of the display. The toolbar changes to full opacity (no transparency) when the mouse cursor overlaps (toolbar translucency and orientation are customizable).

Database System Designing imaging treasures

Multiple Image Display

Easy analysis with 2, 4, 6, 9, 16, 36 images displayed at the same time.

Multiple image display

Multiple Image Display

NEGATIVE button on the toolbar

Display change to negative with just 1-click on the "NEGATIVE" button on the toolbar

Capture Type Toolbar

Easier view with a simple click on the toolbar for multiple display of images of the same capture type among color, FA, ICG, slit and others.

Capture type toolbar
Detailed Database Viewer
Detailed database viewer

The detailed database viewer provides advanced searching, viewing, image processing, printing, and reporting for the VK-2 database.

Extended Functions Simplicity for perfection

Stereo Viewer

Featuring Kowa's unique moving 3D image.

Stereo viewer
Magnifying Glass

The mouse cursor changes into a customizable magnifying lens (when the left mouse button is pressed).

Magnifying glass
Montage Function
Montage function

This function is enhanced with an advanced algorithm to obtain panorama images that are easy to observe. Automatic positioning with fine rotation adjustment and smoothing function is also available.

And More

Merge and subtract, noise reduction, histogram chart, analysis of gray level, auto enhance (multiple display), each enhance function, red free filter processing, edit data, input data, search data.

High Capacity Storage and Archive Unlimited data bank of your own

  • CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-RW optical media for easy archive.
  • Support Twain32 image scanner.
  • Selectively archive enabling savings of selected data to any media.
  • High Capacity Storage and Archive
  • Direct copying of images to external disk drive.
  • Opening and addition in the VK-2 database of other image files (JPEG, BMP).

Special Functions Always identifying every image

E-mail Function

Quick and easy sending by e-mail of selected images. Furthermore, together with the selected images an "inf.txt" file is automatically attached with the corresponding patient information.

E-mail function
Montage function

* Sony is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
** Nikon is a trademark of Nikon Corporation.

Montage Function

To facilitate documentary handling.

Direct Image Printout

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