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VK-2s High Performance Digital Imaging System

Model Number

High-performance imaging system allowing for a faster and smoother operation to improve your practice workflow.

Translucent toolbar

The translucent toolbar allows you to see the full image displayed on screen. The toolbar changes to full opacity (no transparency) when moving the mouse cursor over it. Toolbar translucency and orientation are customizable.

Translucent toolbar
Patient information search

Complete display and search functions including direct input, ID list display, and pre-registration functions.

Multiple timers
3 instruments, 1 imaging system

Up to 3 different digital/video devices 1-click switch.

Automatic switching between FA and color

In ICG or FA mode, high speed capturing (1 frame/sec, depending on CCD camera), and the timer is displayed on the monitor (linked to Kowa retinal cameras).

Automatic switching between FA and color
Automatic switching between FA and color

Strong ally between doctor and patient leading to better informed consent.

Multiple image display

Easy analysis with 2, 4, 6, 9, 16 images displayed at the same time.

Multiple image display
Batch image processing on multiple image display
Multiple image display
Magnifying glass function

Details can be observed by left-clicking on the area to be magnified on screen.

Magnifying glass function
Link to perimeter
Link to Perimeter
Chronological video display function
(compatible with automatic positioning)

Chronological video, such as optic disc hemorrhaging, can be created from multiple still pictures for review.

Chrono Video
Capture type toolbar

View images by capture type (color, FA, ICG, slit lamp, etc.) in chronological order with a simple click on the toolbar.

Capture Type Toolbar
Reference (Template) image

Patient images can be compared with stored reference images.

Reference (Template) image
Image processing according to diagnostic needs
Image Process Toolbar
Simply click on the image processing toolbar for ideal image display

Features include: sharpen image, gamma process, enhance image, contrast, brightness, analysis with RGB filter, negative image, flip image, zoom, measure length, measure cup/disc ratio, measure angle, loop, undo, original, and reference template image.

Multiple image display
NEGATIVE button on the toolbar

Other function

Montage function

This function is enhanced with an advanced algorithm to obtain a montage of images that are easy to observe. Automatic positioning with fine rotation adjustment function is also available.

Montage function


DICOM export software*

Images selected from KOWA VK-2s are easily sent to the DICOM server.

* Optional software for KOWA VK-2s DICOM

Viewing software option

Visual field viewer software

KOWA AP-7000 data can be reviewed for sharing of patient information.

Visual Field
Viewer software

Image data captured by KOWA VK-2s can be reviewed.

Visual Field

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