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Products: Retinal Cameras

VX-10 Alpha Combination Mydriatic/Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera


Photographic Angles Mydriatic 50° 30°
(Small pupil mode: 45° 27°)
(VX-1Oi : 50° for ICG(option))
Non-Mydriatic 45° 27°
Photographic Magnification ※1 50° => 2.0x 30° => 3.0x
Picture Size 35 mm Film: Φ 26mm x 22mm Oval
Working Distance 39mm (between objective lens and cornea)
Minimum Pupil Diameter Non-Mydriatic mode Φ 4mm
Mydriatic mode Φ 5. 5mm (small pupil mode Φ 4mm)
Focusing Luminescence Point Matching Method (ON/OFF switch)
Diopter Compensation Range
(Patient's Eye)
- 12D ~ + 13D
+ 10D ~ + 35D (with + compensation lens)
- 10D ~ - 32D (with - compensation lens)
Diopter Adjustment Range -8D ~ +5D
Working Distance Adjustment 2 luminescent points display (ON / OFF switch)
Viewing Illumination 12V 100W Halogen lamp
Flash for Photography 300WS Xenon flash lamp
Flash Compensation ± 3 steps
Internal Fixation Target 4 fixed dots right or left eye switching (Non-Mydriatic mode)
External Fixation Target red / green, blinking
Amount of Exposure 0.6WS ~ 300WS 19 steps
Proper exposure automatically set, based on angle of field and film sensitivity
Filter Barrier filter, exciter filter electronic powered insertion
Fluorescein Photography Photographic interval: 1 frame / sec. or at will
ICG Function Option for VX-10i only
Monitor 5.5 inch, LCD monitor
Data Imprinting Timer and handwritten data
Film Speed 35mm color film: ISO100 Fluorescein: ISO400 (3 times development)
Movement Range Forward / backward (gross) 90 mm (micromotion) approx.22mm
Left / right (gross) 140 mm (micromotion) approx.22mm
Up / down 30 mm
Tilt (angle) 15° (+angle) 8.5°
Horizontal swing (left/right) 30°
Power Supply lnput: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 280VA (normal) 1500VA (max)
Dimensions 400(W) x 520(D) x 620(H)mm ※2
Weight 35.5kg / 78lbs ※2

※1 When using 35mm film, 0D ※2 Without video adaptor