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Products: Automatic Perimeter

AP-7000 Automatic Perimeter


Dimensions 730 (W) x 430(D) x 700(H) mm
Weight 26kg
Stimulus Presentation Method Projection
Stimulus Color White, Red, Blue Green
Stimulus Size Goldmann I, II, III, IV, V
Maximum Stimulus Intensity 3,183 cd/m² (10,000 asb): White
Stimulus Presentation Time 0.2 Sec.
Stimulus Presentation Interval 0.6-3.3 Sec. (Automatically Adjusted)
Background Intensity White: 10cd/m² (31.5 asb) Yellow: 100 cd/m² (314.2 asb) (Automatic Light Adjustment)
Examination Distance 300mm
Meaurement Range 80°
External Interface USB, Ethernet
Fixation Target Orange LED Center: 1 Point, Auxiliary: 4 Point Fovea Examination: 4 Point
Eye Fixation Monitoring Heijl Krakau Method, Eye Fixation Monitor, Gaze Monitor
Printout USB-Connected Printer (sold seperately)
Operation Screen Touch Panel Color LCD Monitor
Operation Support Oral Instructions
Chin Rest Operation Motor-driven
Screening Program Standard, Precision, Center, Periphery, Glaucoma, V. Meridian, Center #1, Center #2
Screening Method 2 Zone, 3 Zone, 4 Zone, Quantity Scotoma Intensity Step: 5dB/Probability Variable (p-value) Quick Mode Available
Supra Program Standard, Macula, Mariotte, Optional, D-Test
Supra Method Same Intensity as 2 Zone
Threshold Program Center 1, Center 2, Meridian, Macula 2, Periphery
Threshold Method All Threshold, Quick 2, Super Quick
Isopter Program Standard, Isopter + Screening 1, Isopter + Screening 2, Isopter + Threshold
Isopter Method Auto, Manual
Custom Program Circle Threshold, 1 Point Threshold, Quadrant Threshold, Optional Threshold#, Optional Threshold◯, Screening#, Screening◯
Perimetry on Fundus Perimetry Combined Fundus Image
Fovea Examination Available in Threshold Center Examination (Threshold-Center 1, Center 2, Isopter + Threshold)
Analysis for Threshold Each Examination Static Perimetry, Kinetic Perimetry, Blue-on-Yellow, Comparison to Age Related Normative Data, Four Color Stimulus: Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Golmann Size I-V Stimulus
Analysis for Threshold Chronological Changes All Analysis Data: Scale, Threshold, Total Deviation p-value, Pattern Deviation p-value, Bebie Curve Graphically Displays: MD
Comparing Comparison can be made between results of threshold screening or supra examination executed twice
Combination Center, periphery, and isopter examinations can be combined in threshold and screening center examinations.
Display Both Eyes Results of the examination of both eyes of the same patient executed on the same day are displayed side by side
Display Multi Results of the examination executed four times (both eyes/either eye) of the same patient are displayed side by side
Database Patient ID List Display, All List Display, Search Function, ID Extraction Function
Patient Information ID, Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Correction, Visual Acuity, Diagnosis, Doctor, Comments
Data Save Built-in Flash Memory, Capacity: For Approximately 20,000 Patients (40,000 Examinations
Normal Eye Database Ver. Issued on 2011/06/09 Age Range: 20s to 70s Samples: 612 persons Criteria: Questioning, Visual Acuity, Reflection
Power Supply Input: AC 100-230V 50/60 Hz Power Consumption: 200VA

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