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Products: Flare Meters

FM-600 Laser Flare Meter


Measuring Laser Source Laser Diode: 635nm 35±15μw
Detector Photo-multiplier Tube (PMT)
Measuring Range 1 to 500 Photon count/ms
Measuring Field Vertical 0.3mm x Horizontal 0.5mm
Measuring Time 0.5 Seconds
Working Distance 81mm (Distance of Examined Eye to Front End of Objective Lens)
Printer 58mm Width, Thermal Line Printer
Monitor 5.6 Inch Color LCD Monitor
Movement Range Backward/Forward: 37mm Left/Right: 89mm Vertically (Electric): 25mm
Dimensions 310(W) x 505(D) x 462(H)mm
Dimensions 274(W) x 457(D) x 458(H)mm
Weight 22kg/48lbs
Weight 18kg
Interface ID Input: PS/2※ (Compatible with Numerical Keypad and Barcode Reader) Data Output: RS-232C
Power Supply Input: AC100-230V 50/60Hz Power Consumption: 80VA (Normal)/100VA (Maximum)

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