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Products: Portable Slit Lamps

SL-17 Portable Slit Lamp


Working Distance Approximately 80mm (16x) and Approximately 100mm (10x)
Light Source White LED
Type Binocular: Direct Image Type, Erected Real Image
Angle of Convergence 13°
Actual Field of View ⌀10mm(16x) ⌀15mm(10x)
Magnification Change Built in Both Oculars
Ocular Diopter -8D to +5D
Slit Selection Turret
Slit Length Fixed, 12mm
Slit Width 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.8mm
Light Intensity Adjustable Continuously
Slit Projection Angle Horizontal ±60°
Filter Built-in Cobalt Blue Filter
Duration of Illumination Approximately 140 Minutes
Power Unit Type (4) AAA Rechargeable or Dry Cell Batteries
Power Supply Input: DC4.8 to 6.4V Power Consumption: 3.6 to 4.5VA
Slit Lamp Dimensions 220(W) x 95(D) x 220(H) mm
Slit Lamp Weight 745g (Batteries Not Included)
Magnification 10x/16x