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Products: Retinal Cameras

Nonmyd α-DⅢ Retinal Camera


Working Distance 30mm (Distance of Examined Eye to Front End of Objective Lens)
Monitor 5.7 Inch LCD Monitor
Field Angle 45°/30°
Working Distance Adjustment 2 Luminous Dots Indication Type (Anterior Segment/Fundus Electrically Switched)
Internal Fixation Target Normal: 3 Positions (Central, Disc, Macula) Mosaic: 9 Positions
External Fixation Target Red Light (Optional)
Optical Head Base Adjustment Range Forward/Backward: 40mm Left/Right: 100mm Vertical (Electric): 30mm
Shooting Mode Normal/Mosaic (Switch Electronically)
Minimum Pupil Size 3.5mm
Camera 8.3 Megapixel CCD Camera
Focusing Split Luminous Bars Coincidence
Interface USB
Power Supply Input: AC100V-AC240V 50/60Hz Automatic Voltage Selection Power Consumption: 150VA (Normal)/250VA (Maximum)
Chin Rest Adjustment Range 60mm (Electric)
Compensation Range of Examined Eye Without Compensation: -15D to +13D -Compensation: -32D to -12D +Compensation: +10D to +40D

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