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Kowa American Corporation Announces: Nonmyd 8, a new Retinal Camera with both Color and FAF 24 Megapixel Imaging

Jun 6, 2016

Kowa Nonmyd 8

Kowa American Corporation launches their new non-mydriatic Nonmyd 8 Retinal Camera.


The Kowa Nonmyd 8 Retinal Camera features 24 megapixel color and FAF (Fundus Autofluorescence) images. Alongside Kowa’s Nonmyd 8S Fundus Camera (color only), the NonMyd 8 is the highest resolution camera available on the market today. The Nonmyd 8 is capable of obtaining 45° FAF images using much less light compared to competitive products. 

“Less light means greater patient comfort,” says Ron Marmorstein from Kowa American Corporation.

The camera’s exclusive optical design combined with the high-resolution 24MP digital SLR camera delivers extremely detailed retinal images with 2D and 3D capabilities. The Nonmyd 8 operates in two photographic modes including normal and small pupil (3.0 mm) modalities. The nine integrated internal fixation points allow for mosaic photography that covers a large retinal area.

Nonmyd 8 Panel

The Nonmyd 8 captures and stores data with automatic image saving when paired with Kowa’s Portable VK-2 Digital Imaging System software. Additionally, the Nonmyd 8 retinal camera comes complete with Kowa’s two-year limited warranty and one year of technical phone and remote support to ensure the equipment and software are running flawlessly together. The VK-2 software will network with most EMR programs.

The 24MP Nonmyd 8 Retinal Camera is now available for immediate delivery. For more information, please contact us by e-mail at: medicalsales@kowa.com

About Kowa American Corporation: Kowa American Corporation is a U.S. subsidiary of a global multi-faceted company offering a broad range of products with technologically advanced medical products and software solutions for ophthalmology, optometry, clinics, hospitals, military facilities, universities, and research as well as private doctors. In addition, Kowa American Corporation offers a full product offering of binoculars, spotting scopes, factory automation and machine vision (CCTV), and industrial lenses.

Kowa attributes its record of success to its ability to introduce products with key features, innovation, and functions that meet specific user needs and help to make workflow more productive. Kowa is constantly expanding its focus into new fields where it can make effective use of its core technologies. In detail, Kowa is allocating more resources to niche markets such as eye care, LED lighting, and specialty lenses where greater accuracy and reliability are required. On the frontier of technology, Kowa is living up to the expectations and trust its customers have in Kowa as a global brand. For more information, please visit http://www.kowa-usa.com.