About Us

Kowa American Corporation is part of Kowa Company Limited, one of the largest privately owned companies in Japan. Founded in 1894, Kowa produces a wide variety of products in a number of industries, including healthcare, industrial, and energy conservation. Part of the Electronics and Optics division of Kowa Company Limited, the Kowa American - Los Angeles branch was established in Torrance, CA to provide high quality sporting optics, lenses, and medical products to North and South America. Since its introduction to the American markets in 1980, Kowa American has become a brand known to the Western Hemisphere for their high quality, precision optics able to perform in even the most extreme conditions. The company's focus on leading edge technology, flexible machine technology, application software, and traditional optical technology produces a wide range of products designed to provide vision solutions and diagnostics for all users.

Division Highlights

Ophthalmic Diagnostics:

Kowa's ophthalmic products set diagnostic standards for a wide range of ophthalmic conditions and provide simple-to-use solutions for eye care providers. Kowa American Corporation offers a broad range of diagnostic tools to assist healthcare professionals in diagnosing and tracking the onset of diseases of the eye thus allowing healthcare professionals to put their patients' needs first. Kowa products deliver meaningful clinical results that help optimize clinic workflows and provide the utmost patient care to the highest industry standards while still being a cost effective solution for every practice.

Sporting Optics:

Kowa offers an extensive line of binoculars, spotting scopes, telephoto lenses, and digiscoping equipment that excels in even the most rugged conditions. Kowa scopes and binoculars are available in a wide range of magnifications and sizes thus ensuring there is a Kowa product perfectly designed for every user's needs in any kind of activity. Kowa is particularly proud of the craftsmanship it takes to create the custom PROMINAR fluorite crystal lenses offered in our high performance models. The crystal is grown from scratch and then handcrafted to ensure the lenses provide the highest level of optical performance. Our dedication to quality made Kowa Sporting Optics a beloved brand from birders to hunters to stargazers.

CCTV and Machine Vision:

Kowa American is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality lenses for a wide range of applications including CCTV, machine vision, cinematography, aerospace, and robotics. We offer an extensive line of lenses capable of capturing the clearest images even in adverse conditions. Kowa American is also proud to offer customizable lens solutions if any customer's project requires specifications outside of our line of products. No matter the situation, Kowa American can provide the perfect lens to fit your needs.

Kowa American Corp.

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